Kahaila Mana (Turtle Maiden)


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Indigenous people recognize the turtle as the symbol of Mother Earth who provides protection for women. The spirit of the turtle is feminine, embodying fertility, patience, nurturing, longevity, fortitude, calmness and resiliency. Today the Turtle Maiden is recognized as the symbol to end violence against women.

Product Information

This work is part of my Katsina (or Kachina) Series. A Katsina is a supernatural spirit in the religion of the Pueblo native people of the Southwest, primarily the Hopi and Zuni living along the Rio Grande and Colorado Rivers. For the Hopi, the word katsina refers to three distinct but related entities: the invisible spirits who are an essential part of Hopi life, the personification of those spirits in ceremonial dances, and the carved and decorated dolls given to infants and women. Katsinas are generally thought to deliver clouds, rain, goodwill, and prosperity. My Katsina series pays tribute to the many female katsina spirits, the immortal beings that bring balance to the world.  More works can be seen on my other website: www.southwestabstractions.net.  If you see something you like – even if it’s sold or if you would prefer it in another size – please contact me: Bonnie.Binkert@gmail.com

This work is shipped unframed.  If you would prefer to purchase the work framed, please contact me for a price quote 

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16 x 12 inches

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Acrylic, collage, feathers on canvas

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