Four Seasons


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This polytyck celebrates our four colorful seasons -- from left to right -- spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each 12 x 24 inch panel hangs separately and can be arranged in any order. In the second view, see how it might hang in a home.

Product Information

This work is part of my Southwest Abstractions series, inspired by the light, landscape and culture of the Land of Enchantment. More works can be seen on my other website:  If you see something you like – even if it’s sold or if you would prefer it in another size – please contact me:


This work is shipped unframed.  If you would prefer to purchase the work framed, please contact me for a price quote 

Size or Dimensions

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Four, 12 x 24 inch panels 

Product Details

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Acrylic with collage elements on canvas panels.

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