Chalchiuhticue (chawl-chee-oo-tlee-koo-eh)


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Also known as Jade Skirt, Chalchiuhticue is the Aztec goddess of water.  
This art form was inspired by Pre-Columbian masks. The Aztecs made masks for wearing in rituals and festivals but also made them just for display. While their designs were often carved from obsidian and other natural materials such as wood and stone, these three-dimensional works incorporate some of my beautiful handcrafted collage papers over bamboo.   Each pays tribute to an Aztec God or Goddess.

Product Information

This work is part of my Southwest Abstractions series, inspired by the light, landscape and culture of the Land of Enchantment. More works can be seen on my other website:  If you see something you like – even if it’s sold or if you would prefer it in another size – please contact me:


This work is shipped with the stand as shown.

Size or Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 2 inches

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Three-dimensional sculpture  of cast paper on bamboo. May be hung on the wall or displayed as shown on a metal stand.

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