I've long been a student of art history and the Asian aesthetic and culture.   Following my first visit to Japan, I created a series of Asian Abstractions. Many of the works incorporate original watercolors as well as collage elements using found materials -- stamps, delicate Mulberry and Washi papers --
collected in Japan, as shown below.
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Flower Moon
This works captures Mt. Fuji in its springtime glory during Fuji Shiba Zakura, the Pink Moss Festival held in May to celebrate the Flower Moon.
Watercolor, collage with fine Japanese Mulberry papers.
20 x 16, matted.

Flower Moon of May
Here we see Fuji-San in Spring during the annual Flower Moon celebration that takes places in Japan.
Watercolor, collage, with fine Japanese Mulberry and Washi papers.
18 x 14, matted,

Mt. Fuji is commonly called "Fuji-San" in Japan. It’s the country’s tallest peak and is considered one of Japan's most sacred mountains.   In this work I've captured my memory of it in its autumnal glory.
Watercolor, collage with fine Japanese Mulberry papers.
16 x 12 inches, matted.

Mt. Fuji (Fuji-San)
The iconic profile of Fuji-San has been the subject of artists for centuries, seen here in early Autumn.
Watercolor, collage with fine Japanese Mulberry papers.
12 x 16, matted.

Summer Leaves
When I travel to Japan, I collect found materials -- stamps, leaves and special Mulberry papers -- to incorporate into my collages.  This work incorporates all three.
Watercolor, collage with Mulberry papers.
14 x 18, matted

An iconic image of Koi inspired by this haiku:
Still, quiet water
Then a splash of gold as a 
Koi vanishes deep.
Watercolor with overlay of sheer Mulberry paper.
20 x 16, matted

Autumn Leaves
My first visit to Japan was in autumn and it was ablaze with color inspiring not only this work but also this haiku:
Red leaves of autumn,
A solitary teahouse,
Ablaze in color
Watercolor, ink, collage of fine Japanese papers.
14 x 18, matted

Gion District
The Gion is Kyoto’s geisha district, with hostesses in colorful kimonos often sighted on the wooden Tatsumi Bridge, or amid upscale Japanese restaurants and boutiques on Hanamikoji Street.
20 x 16, matted

Winter Garden

There's something so serene about a garden covered in fresh snow as captured in this painting and haiku:
A winter garden
Covered in mounds of white snow,
Quiet and serene.
Acrylic on canvas.
10 x 10, framed in black.