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  Following my first visit to Japan, I created a series of Asian Abstractions. Many of the works incorporate original watercolors as well as 
collage elements using found materials --
 stamps, delicate Mulberry and Washi papers --
collected in Japan, as shown below.

Some of the works appear on the Store page; others from the series can be seen on the Asian Abstractions page of my website:

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Flower Moon
This works captures Mt. Fuji in its springtime glory during Fuji Shiba Zakura, the Pink Moss Festival held in May to celebrate the Flower Moon.
Watercolor, collage with fine Japanese Mulberry papers.
20 x 16, matted.

A giant pink moon --
The full flower moon of May
Lights up the night sky

Flower Moon of May
Here we see Fuji-San in Spring during the annual Flower Moon celebration that takes places in Japan.
Watercolor, collage, with fine Japanese Mulberry and Washi papers.
18 x 14, matted

Fuji-san in Spring
Shimmers in the glow of the
Flower Moon of May.

Mt. Fuji  山富士
Mt. Fuji is commonly called "Fuji-San" in Japan. It’s the country’s tallest peak and is considered one of Japan's most sacred mountains.   In this work I've captured my memory of it in its autumnal glory.
Watercolor, collage with fine Japanese Mulberry papers.
16 x 12 inches, matted.

Ah, Fuji-San --
In its autumnal glory:
A sight to behold

Mt. Fuji in Autumn

During the autumn season the area around Mount Fuji becomes the perfect place for fall foliage viewing. Trees surround-ing the Fuji Five Lakes turn to beautiful amber, verdant green and golden shades.

 The colors of fall:
 Mt. Fuji in its splendor,
 A breathtaking sight

Fuji-San 山富士
The iconic profile of Fuji-San has been the subject of artists for centuries, seen here in early Autumn.
Watercolor, collage with fine Japanese Mulberry papers.
12 x 16, matted.

Always beautiful
In fair or cloudy weather:
Mt. Fuji in Fall.

Summer Leaves 夏の葉
When I travel to Japan, I collect found materials -- stamps, leaves and special Mulberry papers -- to incorporate into my collages.  This work incorporates all three.
Watercolor, collage with Mulberry papers.
14 x 18, matted

Hear the rustle of
 The wind through the summer leaves -
Nostalgic musings

Snow Country 雪国
Before visiting Japan, I read Snow Country  by Yasanari Kawamata which won the 1968 Nobel Prize in literature. The images from the novel inspired this painting and haiku.
Watercolor, 20 x 16.
 A powerful tale,
 Kawabata's Snow Country:
Desolate beauty.

Ikebana 生け花
Ikebana or "arranging flowers" is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is also known as Kadō (華道, "way of flowers"). The tradition dates back to the 7th century when floral offerings were made at altars. Watercolor, Mulberry paper, 16 x 20 matted. $275
 A single blossom --
The art of Ikebana,
The way of flowers.

An iconic image of Koi inspired by this haiku:
Still, quiet water
Then a splash of gold as a
Koi vanishes deep.
Watercolor with overlay of sheer Mulberry paper.
20 x 16, matted

Still, quiet water
Then a splash of gold as a 
Koi vanishes deep.

Gion District  祇園
The Gion is Kyoto’s geisha district, with hostesses in colorful kimonos often sighted on the wooden Tatsumi Bridge, or amid upscale Japanese restaurants and boutiques on Hanamikoji Street.
20 x 16, matted

Strolling through Gion
Are kimono-clad Geisha,
A colorful sight

My Inspiration

Inspired by my first visit to Japan, seen here in the Kenroku-en (兼六園) Garden in Kanazawa,  I've created a series of works in watercolor, many with collage elements including stamps, rich Mulberry papers and other found materials collected in Japan
Photo by Susan Boe

My Mission

My mission is to capture and share the magic and mystery of the Japanese aesthetic and rich culture through this series of Asian Abstractions. To see other works from my Southwest and Abstractions series, go to the Asian Abstractions page of my website: 

Collage Workshops

Want to learn the art of collage? I offer one- and two-day, small group workshops. Interested?
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Other Small Treasures

In addition to the original art works shown on my Store page, I offer handmade, one-of-a-kind journals -- small treasures -- covered in fine Japanese Mulberry paper.

                              Also Available: Vintage Japanese Baskets   

Antique Ikebana Flower Basket 

Ikebana basket with handle and metal liner.  16.5 high (to top of handle) x 11.5 high (to top of basket) x 7.5 inches deep. $355

Japanese Bamboo Basket with Handle  
19.5 wide x 13 high x 9 inches, deep. $245

Antique Japanese Flower Basket  

Vintage bamboo flower basket with handle and bamboo liner, circa 1920, signed on the bottom.  17 high x 7.5 wide x 6.5 inches deep. $390

Asian Food Basket 

Two-tiered Asian food basket with handle.  18.5 high (to top of handle) x 13.75 (to top of basket) x 14.5 wide x 8.75 deep. $150

Asian Flower Basket with Bamboo Liner.  22.5 high (to top of handle) x 5.5 deep at base. $345

About Me

I've long been a student of art history and the Asian aesthetic and culture, the inspiration for this series of Asian Abstractions. I try to bring a sense of quiet contemplation to my work, sometimes combining art and haiku poetry as once done in the ancient tradition of haiga.
 Sun, wind, rain, land, sky --
 The Earth is sacred  to me
To ponder and paint.