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Looking for my latest artwork?  You'll find them all right here in my online store. Come and browse my range of paintings -- watercolors as well as works in oil and acrylic -- and learn more about what's in store! To begin shopping, click on the "Store" icon on the banner at the top of this page.  

Artist Statement

My work abstracts nature. Inspired by the light and landscape of the southwest, my main body of work is a series of atmospheric landscapes celebrating the colorful seasons and senses of the Land of Enchantment. By using mostly warm colors – red, rust, orange, ochre and yellow – I try to convey the warmth and beauty of New Mexico’s high desert. I work in a variety of mediums for I love the transparency of watercolors, the vibrancy of acrylics, and the velvety textures of oils.
Photograph by Susan Boe.

My Mission

My Mission is to capture and share the magic of the southwest landscape – its scenic beauty and rich cultural history – through my art.  For me, it’s about creating a mood or visual impression inspired by the beauty of the surrounding landscape.  


This site will be updated regularly to show my latest works. To see my full body of work, go to my website:

I offer workshops in watercolor and collage. For more information, contact me:

In addition to the original paintings shown on my Store page, I offer packs of greeting cards and books featuring my art work.  

My work is represented by The Art Club Gallery, 225 Canyon Road in Santa Fe, featuring works made in New Mexico.